Posse Hoodie

Posse Hoodie

For this project, we've teamed up with two great artists based in Ghent. From music to art, they have it all.

Apart from being models for our brand, they are also active in their own creative spaces. Vic Audemars is a promising music artist with a unique sound, while Dome is the greatest graffiti artist I know and admire. I asked them both, 'What is your vision or role in the creative streetwear culture?' This is their response:

Vic Audemars:

"Yo, my name is Vic Audemars, a 19-year-old artist hailing from Geraardsbergen. I've harbored a deep passion for music and producing for quite some time. However, it was when I was 15, nearly 16, that I penned my very first set of rap lyrics, a moment that unveiled a latent talent within me. Over the years, I've honed my unique musical style, and I now take immense pride in the music I create, as it truly reflects who I am.
I'm elated that Sep approached me to model for this shoot; I've always been an ardent fashion enthusiast. Being a model for a brand was a long-standing aspiration of mine, and I couldn't be happier that my debut experience aligns with a brand I genuinely admire."


"If I were to express what I contribute to street culture, it would be my dedication to preserving the graffiti spirit, much like numerous artists in Ghent. Through my work, which is often inspired by old-school letter pieces, I strive to maintain the essence of this vibrant subculture. Graffiti, in my opinion, represents one of the last bastions of free speech in our urban landscape. Despite the potential consequences one may face, it remains an important form of self-expression, and I believe it's worth defending and cherishing for its role in fostering creativity and pushing boundaries."

"I also believe that besides street culture, it's important to discover your creativity. That's why I paint abstract canvases that have nothing to do with street culture. Here and there, you may find an element that can be traced back to street art, but even without it, I would almost say you should search for your outlet. I try to do this through as many mediums as possible, from graffiti and painting to expressing my feelings through atmospheric music and sometimes a touch of poetry. That's the beauty of human creativity. The extent of your boundary is determined by the depths of your imagination."
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